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beautytrend 2012/2013 ' .

Beautytrend winter 2012: Heftige ogen
Beautytrend winter 2012: Heftige ogen
Beautytrend winter 2012: Heftige ogen


When it was chosen for striking eye make-up, then the lipstick left alone. And since there are many striking eyes afknalden the catwalk, we also have many neutral lip spotted. For example, at Stella McCartney, and Dior. So shoot with your eyes and leave your lips alone

The catwalk is the place to be to experiment with wild makeup. This has certainly happened, but many designers opted for super neutral makeup. The mascara brush is never so low used as in the season of autumn / winter 2012.
Beautytrend winter 2012: Super Natural
Beautytrend winter 2012: Super Naturel

classy Gothic.

Beautytrend winter 2012: Classy Gothic
Beautytrend winter 2012: Classy Gothic


bleached eyebrows
By the eyebrows bleaching, the attention to other facial features such as eyes, lips and face shape. Gucci were the faces and the eyebrows of the models made ​​white.

Beautytrend winter 2012: Wenkbrauwen

colourfull lips;
 As a counterpart to the dark lips were also more joyful lips spotting on  international catwalks.

Beautytrend winter 2012: Kleurrijke lippen

  • Colorful lips: brighter, brighter, brightest.
Ugly or not ?

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