vrijdag 31 augustus 2012

The new collection for H & M Fall Winter 2012/2013

The new collection for H & M Fall Winter 2012/2013

We all know it, the H&M.

The new collection for this winter;

wintry colors like dark purple and various shades of green back, but also gold and glitter is not missing!
Interestingly, the use of stones, sequins and glitter that it should contribute to this winter festive still come through.

We also see that the print is not temporarily disappear from the fashion scene.
Trousers and jackets, but also t-shirts with colorful prints are available in the fall / winter items from H & M.
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What makes this collection fun, is that the colors yet easy to combine with the usual black, white and gray.

We can  not wait for the new collection is in stores!   

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donderdag 30 augustus 2012


hi everyone.

Today I was to school, I was so tired when I got home.
Tomorrow I'll have a fun day with my class.
We go bowling.
I really love those shoes.
tomorrow I will make some pictures during bowling.

besides, I've found a nice shop on the internet.


Skull Ring 'She'
Butterfly Earrings A2641Let's Play Poker RingColourfull Skull RingBunny Ear PhoneButterfly Pearl Earrings

they also have clothes and shoes.
here are my favorites; 

woensdag 29 augustus 2012

we love mustaches

we love mustaches. 

you see it almost everywhere in jewelry and clothing.
all types, all sizes.
I think they're cute.
it is still fun to add to your outfit.

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i love the primark and you?

primark fall- winter 2012- 2013.
In the Primark autumn-winter collection 2012-2013 marked the absolute low cost chic style, 
because for example the vest that I showed in leatherette is almost identical
 to that seen in other stores. ( 24,95euro.)
 24.95 euros. Primark Fall Winter 2012 2013: All for a Low Cost Chic
 Primark Fall Winter 2012 2013: All for a Low Cost Chic
Military-inspired jacket for the autumn-winter 2012-2013 in Primark

  1. €18,-
  2. €25,-
  3. €5,-
  4. €18,-
  5. €3,-
  6. €15,-
  7. €23,-
  8. €3,-
  9. €8,-
  10. €24,-
  11. €11,-
  12. €23,-
  13. €20,-
  14. €7,-
 Dress, Polo Neck, Stiletto, EarringsSnood, Bobble Hat, Polo Neck PU Collar Blazer, Jacquard Dress Jumper, Pencil Skirt

i love the primark, and you ?

dinsdag 28 augustus 2012

say hi.

i have really nothing to post.
i'm enjoying my pindacookie and giving my teddybear some kisses,
and making some stupid pictures.:-)


maandag 27 augustus 2012

back to school.

Today i am going back to school again.

my outfit,  i don't have a good camera on my phone,sorry.
i am going to buy an ipod so then i can make better pictures.

my books, heavy bag.

I was looking for something on the internet because I saw lately on tumblr much
painted nails with school supplies drawn on. eg pencils, notebooks and school buses.

I think they're quite nice, but it seems hard to do,
so I looked for a video where they could explain.
i found a video where a girl shows how she do it.


i think i'm gonna try this to.

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zondag 26 augustus 2012

things i MUST have.

this is my list, of things i MUST have.
~ 1. Dr Martins.
O, i love them so.

~2 denim jacket without sleeves.
you can also cut your denim jacket by yourself.
its cheaper also.

the instructions are in this youtubemovie;
'how to cut Jean Jacket for Dummies'

~3. Cristal earphones *hearteyes*.
Paris Hilton got them to.
Designers such as Prada, Gucci and Armani are decorating everything from mobile phones, ipod cases to lap top sleeves.
9 swarovski colours and they are $24,99.

USB Flowers 300x300 15 Gadgets And Gifts For Girls And Women~4. a USB Flower with flagrance.
it look so cute.
fragrance flowers that look like real flowers and give a good smell. Just plug the USB device on your PC and you are done.

~5. & the last one ;`say hello to the pink high heels phone.

a musthave :-).

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