zaterdag 20 oktober 2012

TAG; 25 questions.

Do you have pets?, No, I have no pets, I'm allergic!

Call 3 things that are currently the closest to you ., My phone, a book and a pillow.

Drive your car? And if so, have you ever accidents caused?, No, I'm only 15!

What time did you wake up this morning? , At 8 am, really early!

When was the last time you showered? , This morning.

What movie did you saw the last time? , The film 'Smiley'.

What does your last received text message? , A look, "I'm going back to town, talk to you later."

What's your ringtone?, I have a somewhat special ringtone, - no kidding, really haha.

Have you ever been to a different country?: Yes, I went to Egypt, Nigeria, Belgium, Germany and England.

Do you like sushi?; Never eaten.

Where do you get your groceries?; Hoogvliet, Albert Heijn, Digros, it varies.

Do you have brothers or sisters?: I have one younger brother.

Do you have a computer or a laptop, Computer from mum and dad I have 2 laptops, only 1 is very slow.

How old will on your next birthday?, 16 whoeho * dances *.

Do you wear glasses or contact lenses?, No.

Have you ever dyed your hair? Yea, bright red, my hair is actually very dark, almost black, it's brown.

What are you planning to do today?; Nothing, I have no plan!

When was the last time you cried?, I can not remember.

What is your perfect pizza topping? - With salami and cheese.

What do you like better, a hamburger or a cheeseburger? - Cheeseburger ..

Have you ever had an all-nighter?, No!

What is your eye color? - brown.

that was it  !

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik had je ouder geschat dan 15!Op een positieve manier ;) Maar de tag en antwoorden zijn leuk! Liefs :)

  2. Hahahah je ringtone! Leuke post x

  3. haha, je ringtone is geweldig! En wat heb je een leuk jasje aan op de laatste foto!

    Ik heb je trouwens genomineerd voor Liebster Award.
    Check de link hieronder voor meer informatie:


  4. Leuke plaatjes, je ringtone hahahah xD
    Leuke post!
    Liefs, Anne

  5. Leuke post, e ik vind je jasje echt heel erg gaaf!
    Ik volg je nu, volg je me terug?
    liefs x

  6. Wauw, leuke foto die onderste! Heel leuk om te lezen allemaal. (:

  7. Leuk om te lezen! :) Misschien ga ik deze tag binnenkort ook eens doen :) xx


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