dinsdag 20 november 2012

# Chinese streetstyle 2.

First; i want to thank Kim Godschalk, because i won the giveaway, 50€ shoptegoed on Boumanonline.

- ' yeah we all know China.
The country of noodles, the long wall etc.


but china, is also the country where the girls (boys too actually), have a super unique style.
The style is so special. In the Netherlands, almost no one is as like that.
Here, where I live, you see everyone with the same Adidas jacket, nikes, etc.. And those who have their own style are not really in the spotlight. (If you know what i mean!).
In china is that different, really, really dared!
What I love! Therefore I share a few looks and outfits with you <3.

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- i hope you enjoy, i followback.

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