vrijdag 26 oktober 2012


Saturday I ordered a dress from the H&M
And yesterday afternoon I received the packet!
It is super comfortable!
I received even quite much discount on the dress, so that was a bonus.

Love online shopping, the dress is very nice.
Not too tight!
It was one of the last dress they had only size 38.
I myself have size 36, but I found the dress so beautiful, I could not resist, but he's perfect!
The dress is not even too big.

I only need  other matching shoes.
Gonna be alright, :) .

So I can again look for shoes! I love shopping whoehoe.


zaterdag 20 oktober 2012

TAG; 25 questions.

Do you have pets?, No, I have no pets, I'm allergic!

Call 3 things that are currently the closest to you ., My phone, a book and a pillow.

Drive your car? And if so, have you ever accidents caused?, No, I'm only 15!

What time did you wake up this morning? , At 8 am, really early!

When was the last time you showered? , This morning.

What movie did you saw the last time? , The film 'Smiley'.

What does your last received text message? , A look, "I'm going back to town, talk to you later."

What's your ringtone?, I have a somewhat special ringtone, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kl6kx7FAtuM - no kidding, really haha.

Have you ever been to a different country?: Yes, I went to Egypt, Nigeria, Belgium, Germany and England.

Do you like sushi?; Never eaten.

Where do you get your groceries?; Hoogvliet, Albert Heijn, Digros, it varies.

Do you have brothers or sisters?: I have one younger brother.

Do you have a computer or a laptop, Computer from mum and dad I have 2 laptops, only 1 is very slow.

How old will on your next birthday?, 16 whoeho * dances *.

Do you wear glasses or contact lenses?, No.

Have you ever dyed your hair? Yea, bright red, my hair is actually very dark, almost black, it's brown.

What are you planning to do today?; Nothing, I have no plan!

When was the last time you cried?, I can not remember.

What is your perfect pizza topping? - With salami and cheese.

What do you like better, a hamburger or a cheeseburger? - Cheeseburger ..

Have you ever had an all-nighter?, No!

What is your eye color? - brown.

that was it  !

i like random gifts and order new things \ Oh yeah.

- hey everyone, 
Today is a lazy day + it is the start of my holiday 1 week.
I'm not traveling, I stay comfortable at home.
I find going on  holiday not really fun, I quickly get homesick, I hope it goes away once. Because I want to go once in my life on holiday to Paris or London, seems to be fun!

Today I received a random gift. a gift voucher for the drugstore, + a small perfume of Heat by Beyonce and a scent of Esprit. It was packaged in a beautiful silver pocket.
I'm very happy with it!

I also have ordered from H&M!
A dress, I think it's so beautiful, and it was not expensive.
The package is around 22 to 26 October in & then I will of course post about it!

I'm curious!

have you ever ordered from H&M.com?

kisses and hugs, vanesrawrrr. 

donderdag 18 oktober 2012

Oh yeah / things that annoy me.

 I've made ​​a list of things that annoy me.

Today something different again !

No. 1, The fake uggs.

Uh-oh, I hate them.
Some girls can not walk normally.
They walk beside their shoes. 

Shaking my head.

Number 2, Ugly nails.
gnawed nails.
I think its só nasty.
I had a boy in my class last year, he even tried to bite off his toenails. I heard people with a lot of stress bite their nails ! I can not judge, but it looks dirty.

Number 3, When I miss the bus or train.
Self I travel every day, about forty-five minutes by bus so I really hate this.
It's a rainy day, you've overslept and you run to the station, you miss the bus / train. & Everyone at the station is watching you. - Oh, shameful.

Number four. 'Congratulations you have won an ipad / iphone / car, laptop / television or $ 1,000,000. !

Or stupid mails or ads on the internet with ; Free headphones, win free 50 Euro, Win a trip to Ibiza. , Sign up now and win a free Porsche, I've never joined, but it sounds very fake.

And number 5 , the last one. 
People who thinks they know everything better, even if it's wrong.


And what are yours ? leave a message i follow back thanks !

zondag 14 oktober 2012

Getting ready for autumn.

its a lazy sunday for me.
just watching out my window and looking on the internet.
i really have nothing to do today.
well, i see the leaves falling from the tree's, and it was raining the whole day, it looks so sad.
it sucks, really.

but my motto of this year was "Stay positive".
Okay, why the autumn can be fun?
Let me think.
we can wear big sweaters, braided especially because they are so good and keeping you warm.
So I can go shopping again, because I have almost nothing but, shirts, t-shirts and blouses, no winter clothes.

Also I can go buy new boots because I have only sneakers and wedge heels, and if it is wet outside and I walk into the entrance of school I slide out, really thats so shameful.
I think the boots Timberlands, and Dr. Martins are so cute! But expensive, but I will ask my mother maybe I get them from her as a gift.

I want a nice warm black scarf that goes with everything and it makes your outfit quite different.
also I want a hat, oh that's so comfortable on your head.

So I'm going shopping again soon!
and, are you still shopping for fall / winter?

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zaterdag 13 oktober 2012

Lana del rey | Ride.


I love the music of lana del rey.
Really, love it.

'Smiley 2012'.

Today something different,
Last night I  watched a movie.
the movie was so scary that i did not watch the movie on. I could almost no longer sleep that night.
The film is called 'Smiley'. it's about a monster, that if you go video chat and you type in to someone, 'i think I'll kill you instead, and three times, i did it for the lulz. & Someone is suposed to come in and kill you ',

Then the monster 'Smiley, comes behind that person to face with a knife and sticks the person in his heart. A young lady tries it out and see that it is not a joke and goes to the police,but they dont believe her. now 'Smiley' wants to murder her.

Very scary, Watch the trailer!

donderdag 11 oktober 2012

DIY | Galaxy leggings.

  what do you need?
- Bleach.
- Spray paint,
- Sponge.
- White puffy paint.
- Or a paintbrush.
- And of course a legging, or shirt, or skirt, what ever you like !

1. spray the bleach on the legging.
2. add the paint on the legging with a sponge or paint brush.
3. Put on stars with white puffy paint. (Puffy paint, its the stuff in the squeezy bottle)., not required. or;:unscrew the top of your spray bottle, and flick bleach on your leggings to create stars. 
4.  Let your leggings sit for about a day or two, then wash in cold water, rock your new and improved leggings!

tip ;

 DIY// bleach constellation leggingsDIY// bleach constellation leggings
DIY// bleach constellation leggingsIf you do that, you get an cool effect like this;

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dinsdag 9 oktober 2012

HOT OR NOT ? | Galaxy Clothing | galaxynails.

The fashion goes forward every day.
This has been quite a long time, but I never mentioned it.

the 'Galaxy Clothing'. By Black Milk. (Http://www.blackmilkclothing.com/). you also see this trend very much here.

I love a lot of print anyway.
the galaxy clothing comes naturally from the universe.
I think it's very well thought actually.

You can also at it to your nails, so pretty !


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