maandag 27 augustus 2012

back to school.

Today i am going back to school again.

my outfit,  i don't have a good camera on my phone,sorry.
i am going to buy an ipod so then i can make better pictures.

my books, heavy bag.

I was looking for something on the internet because I saw lately on tumblr much
painted nails with school supplies drawn on. eg pencils, notebooks and school buses.

I think they're quite nice, but it seems hard to do,
so I looked for a video where they could explain.
i found a video where a girl shows how she do it.


i think i'm gonna try this to.

leave a message, what do you think :-)?

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5 opmerkingen:

  1. super leuke nagellak ideeën!
    zullen we elkaar volgen ?

  2. Je broek is echt heel erg gaaf!
    En die nails met de potloden (de eerste foto) is heel leuk :D

  3. nice shirt!
    I followed back! <33

  4. Die nagels van het tweede plaatje zijn echt heel leuk!



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