zondag 26 augustus 2012

things i MUST have.

this is my list, of things i MUST have.
~ 1. Dr Martins.
O, i love them so.

~2 denim jacket without sleeves.
you can also cut your denim jacket by yourself.
its cheaper also.

the instructions are in this youtubemovie;
'how to cut Jean Jacket for Dummies'

~3. Cristal earphones *hearteyes*.
Paris Hilton got them to.
Designers such as Prada, Gucci and Armani are decorating everything from mobile phones, ipod cases to lap top sleeves.
9 swarovski colours and they are $24,99.

USB Flowers 300x300 15 Gadgets And Gifts For Girls And Women~4. a USB Flower with flagrance.
it look so cute.
fragrance flowers that look like real flowers and give a good smell. Just plug the USB device on your PC and you are done.

~5. & the last one ;`say hello to the pink high heels phone.

a musthave :-).

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3 opmerkingen:

  1. Aahhw i LOVE the USB!
    and the phone is so AWESOME!!
    We love you're blog :)

  2. Supercute!, ik vind je blog echt supersuper leuk ! =D.
    Ik volg je =).



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