vrijdag 24 augustus 2012


there are a lot of tattoo's.
sometime's i think 'what the heck were you thinking'? 

i want to show you some different tattoo's.

- ; eyetattoo.
when i saw it i was shocked.

i really don't like it, and you ?

and there is also a 'innerlip'-tattoo, that is an tatt in the inside of the lip.
some pic's ; 

i think it's beautiful :-).

and there is also a 'eartattoo'

nah, some tattoo's are very freaky. but the tattoo i really like is the 'fingertattoo'

wich one do you like ?

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2 opmerkingen:

  1. On the eye tattoos: the first one isn't a tattoo but an implant, and the second one is photoshopped. :) I really like new ideas on things like tattoos and piercings, I think it's very interesting.

  2. Oké, jakkes ik vind het er behoorlijk eng uit zien. :| Tenminste die met de ogen en mond.. sowieso ben ik niet echt iemand die van tattoo's houd haha.


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