vrijdag 24 augustus 2012

the Japanese fashion.

goodmorning everyone,

i searched the internet about the fashion in tokio/japan.

i really like japanese fashion, i think it is very sweet and fashionable.
everyone got their own style, that is what i really like.

the street is your catwalk.

Creepers & Platform Heels in Shibuya

Here are two fun Japanese girls wearing outfits with a rock vibe who we street snapped in front of Shibuya 109.
The girl on the left – with the cute short twintail hairstyle – is wearing a “BURISIL” cap, a “Supergirl” t-shirt, cutoff shorts, and creepers with ruffle socks.  The girl on the right – with colorful bow hair clips – is wearing an acid wash denim vest, a neon t-shirt, a tulle mini-skirt, and patent leather platform heels. Both girls are using backpacks as purses.

Shibuya Girls in Rock Fashion

Mayupu’s Summer Harajuku Style w/ Sunglasses, Floral Shorts & Chucks

Mayupu's Topshop Floral Shorts in HarajukuSly Sunglasses in HarajukuHarajuku Temporary Tattoos

Shinjuku Girls’ Jane Marple Portrait Skirt & The Virgin Mary Sweater

Jane Marple Portrait Skirt & Leather ShortsAmerican Apparel leather oxford shoes ShinjukuResale leather clutch in ShinjukuBlue leather satchel in Shinjuku

they have special shops for the clothes, like this one;
Avantgarde Harajuku (2)
Avantgarde Harajuku (13)Avantgarde Harajuku (29)Avantgarde Harajuku (39)Avantgarde Harajuku (27)Avantgarde Harajuku (14)

i really like it, it's so beautiful.
i wish they could have this in Hollandd.

What do you think about japenese fashion, do you like it to?
would you wear it to ?

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  1. Waaauw so Amazingg!!
    I followed ;)



  2. Ziet er erg leuk uit, zo anders dan de Nederlandse meiden gekleed gaan!

  3. Ik vind de eerste foto vooral heel erg leuk!


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